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When to report a concern

Matters concerning Business Ethics, Accounting issues and Fraud, Novo Nordisk Way, Potential Personal Data Breaches, Quality or other matters that involve legal risks and/or other serious risks to Novo Nordisk should be reported to the Compliance Hotline. You can find examples of which concerns to report below. 

It is possible to report in languages other than English.

Please note that the Compliance Hotline should not be used for reporting customer complaintsside effects or falsified products.
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Data privacy

Anonymity and Anti-Retaliation
Follow-up on your concern
The Compliance Hotline is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is therefore subject to Danish and European Union restrictions related to making such reports.
Novo Nordisk does not tolerate discrimination or retaliation against persons who in good faith make a report or participate in an investigation. If you believe that you have been retaliated against for reporting or participating in an investigation, you should immediately contact the Compliance Hotline. All such reports will be investigated confidentially.
When you report a case, you will receive a unique case number and be asked to create a related password.

With this information, you can check the status of your case, see if there are any questions to your report and provide additional information.